How to develop and plan a green technology oriented machine tool industry

Jun 07,2023

Guided by green technology, with the goal of energy conservation, consumption reduction, and emission reduction, we will implement green technology transformation. In the future, we should achieve multi domain and diversified market development, vigorously tap into demand beyond the machine tool market, which should include transforming existing production lines and models with green design and manufacturing processes, and updating existing equipment. Due to the shrinking market and overcapacity of mid to low end CNC machine tools, as well as the influx of low prices from foreign products, market competition will further intensify.

Due to the long-term dependence on imports, domestic products are facing even more severe competition challenges. The strategy of technology is shifting towards a customer-centric approach: Economic crises often lead to large-scale industrial upgrading and enterprise transformation. The machine tool and tool industry has achieved service-oriented manufacturing, actively providing personalized services that customers need. Therefore, the shift from simply selling products to providing overall solutions, and from technology centric to customer centric has become a current trend.