What does the yield strength of CNC rolling machine refer to? How to maintain the rolling machine on a daily basis?

May 26,2023

The tensile strength of a four roll plate rolling machine is the ultimate strength limit of metal composite materials under compromise conditions, which means resisting a small amount of plastic deformation in the ground. For metal composite materials without significant compromise, the strength limit is required to be based on the in-situ stress value that causes 0.2% residual deformation, which is called the standard strength limit or tensile strength. External forces exceeding this limit may permanently render the parts ineffective and unable to be repaired. If the strength limit of high carbon steel is 207MPa, when the external force exceeds this limit, the part may cause permanent deformation. Below this limit, the part will continue to repair its original appearance.

On the premise of ensuring the high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy conservation of the Shenchong four roll bending machine, it is suggested that customers do a good job in daily maintenance:

1. According to the requirements in the equipment lubrication plan, carry out oil supply for each oil standard lubrication and manual service lubrication point as required.

2. According to the main parameters required by the CNC fully automatic plate rolling machine, steel coils are carried out, such as a thickness of 20mm, a larger length of 2500Mm, and a strength limit of less than 250Mpa for the raw materials of the steel coils.

3. After connecting to the switch power supply, carry out fitness exercises in both the front and back directions of the lower roller and the upper roller elevator, and check if all fitness exercises are stuck normally.

4. Strictly follow the production and processing procedures and operating steps of sheet metal parts and steel coils to carry out practical operations. When the upper roller elevator reaches the limit position, great attention should be paid to the safe operation of the machine equipment

5. After the main transmission system is shut down, the elevator for the upper roller can be carried out, and the tumbling calibration of the rotating rolling bearings and the warping of the upper roller can be carried out.

6. During the entire operation process, if abnormal conditions such as irregular noise and impact are detected, it should be immediately shut down for inspection.

7. In actual operation, all staff should be harmonious with each other, follow the guidance of the person responsible for the actual operation of the steel coil, and do not start the machine without a dynamic password.

8. When carrying out actual operation of steel coils, it is important to pay great attention to the hand being pressed by stainless steel plates and being entangled together with thick steel plates.

9. When using the driver to lift thick steel plates or steel wire rope drums, be careful not to collide with the equipment.

After the completion of the steel coil, ensure that the site is cleaned up after the work is completed, and do a good job in the maintenance and repair of the machine equipment. Immediately cut off the power.