What will the development of the CNC machine tool industry be like

Jun 07,2023

In modern manufacturing production, machine tools are indispensable as processing machinery and equipment. The machine tool industry is the fundamental industry of manufacturing and the backbone industry that drives the development of the national economy. Since the establishment of our country, the country has provided a great deal of support to the machine tool industry in China. After decades of development, China's machine tool industry has achieved a scale from scratch, and technology has also made significant progress through continuous exploration.

China's CNC machine tool industry started much later than developed countries. In the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China, due to material scarcity, in order to vigorously promote national economic construction and promote the development of China's mechanical equipment manufacturing industry, the machine tool industry was able to grow with the support of the country. In the "First Five Year Plan", the development of the CNC machine tool industry occupies an important position, and the Party places great expectations and importance on the development of China's machine tool industry, enabling it to develop healthily. Especially after the reform and opening up, China's machine tool industry has constantly introduced foreign advanced technology and equipment, and the CNC Press brake has constantly absorbed the design concept and management concept of foreign products, so that China's machine tool products have made rapid progress in both performance and technology. After entering the new century, the research and production of CNC machine tools in China have also been included in the development plan of the machine tool industry. The emergence of CNC machine tools not only enables the manufacturing industry to achieve fully automated production, but also greatly improves the precision and efficiency of production. The Premier has also proposed that the level of CNC machine tools is an important symbol of a country's mechanization and modernization, representing a country's scientific level, innovation ability, and comprehensive ability. In 2005, the goal of revitalizing China's equipment manufacturing industry was to develop large-scale, precision, high-speed CNC equipment, and machine tool functional components. Nowadays, the development vision of China's machine tool industry is no longer limited to the domestic market. In addition to meeting the needs of the domestic market, it is also exported to other countries, with machine tool exports ranking among the top in the world. China remains a major machine tool production country.

Throughout the development process of China's machine tool industry, the reason why it has been able to catch up with the world's development level in just a few decades is not only due to the continuous efforts of the machine tool industry itself, but also due to the care of the Party. Since the 12th Five Year Plan, the country has included the equipment manufacturing industry into the seven strategic emerging industries. China's CNC Machine Tool Network believes that with the strong support of national policies and the joint efforts of the entire CNC machine tool industry, the development path of China's CNC machine tool industry will be beautiful.