Product Description of CNC Four Roll Plate Rolling Machine

May 26,2023

1、 The W12 CNC four roll rolling machine is equipped with a programmable CNC system that can store automatic rolling data for hundreds of different workpieces, achieving one click call and one click start. Automatically complete workpiece rolling without manual operation.

2、 This model not only meets the automatic rolling processing of circular shapes, but also meets the automatic rolling of various curved, square, triangular, flat, elliptical and other workpieces.

3、 The operating system is equipped with an EPS electronic automatic leveling system, which can automatically adjust the parallelism of the motion axis to ensure product quality.

4、 The equipment completes material matching, pre bending, and rolling in one rolling process. The remaining straight edge of pre bending is ≤ 1.5 times the plate thickness, and the rolling accuracy is high, which can meet the requirements of automated welding.

5、 This model adopts patented technology of inverted side roller oil cylinder, which improves sliding stability and reduces equipment failures. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the height of the machine body, greatly meet ground installation needs, and reduce infrastructure costs such as equipment foundation pits for users.

6、 Strictly follow the process requirements to anneal and blast weld components such as the frame, remove internal pressure, and improve the strength and stability of the body.

7、 The equipment can be equipped with internal automatic lifting racks and automatic external brackets, which can effectively control the self weight deformation of the workpiece during the rolling process, assist in rolling, reduce labor, and provide product quality and work efficiency.

8、 The equipment can be equipped with patented technology for the roller cone device on the four roller plate rolling machine, which can meet the requirements of users for rolling conical workpieces. This patent has advantages such as convenient operation, low usage cost, and good rolling quality.