The Motion Form of CNC Plate Rolling Machine

May 26,2023

The fitness exercise methods of the three roll bending machine can be divided into two types: dominant fitness exercise and auxiliary fitness exercise. The main fitness exercise refers to the rotation, bending, and other fitness activities of the upper and lower rollers that make up the three roll bending machine for the production and processing of boards. The main fitness exercise involves the daily tasks of the production and processing of the three roll bending machine. Auxiliary fitness exercise is a type of fitness exercise in which the three roller plate rolling machine releases materials throughout the entire process of steel coils, uses the elevator to lower and lower the upper rollers, and rotates the bed frame to lift and reverse it.

The production and processing of bending forming in the production of steel frame structures mainly include several types of production and processing methods, such as steel coils, bending, edge pressing, and grinding tool suppression. The production and processing process of bending forming is carried out by heat treatment and cold drawing.

Rolling is the elongation of chemical fibers on the surface of thick steel plates under the action of external forces. The reduction of chemical fibers in the inner layer causes bending deformation. When the half diameter of the drum is large, it can be rolled round at room temperature. If the half diameter is small and the thick steel plate is too thick, the thick steel plate should be heated and rolled round. There are three production and processing methods for rolling thick steel plates at room temperature: mechanical equipment rolling, tire mold suppression, and manual manufacturing. Mechanical equipment rolling is carried out on a three roller plate rolling machine, based on the working pressure caused by the downward movement of the upper roller.